Pac-12 Hoops: Prominent Hoops Tweeters

There are many people on Twitter who like to talk about Pac-12 basketball. There are even more who talk about college basketball. The task for a young journalism student like myself is to find the best tweeters about Pac-12 basketball, read their posts and try to discover what makes them what they do that makes them good at their job. Here are five prominent Pac-12 hoops tweeters who do a great job of providing information about the conference to the masses.

1. Percy Allen is the Washington Huskies’ mens basketball beat writer for the Seattle Times. He does a great job of providing information for fans and other writers alike. He frequently updates his blog and Twitter with information about the Huskies and the Pac-12 Conference.

Tweets like this are very common from Seattle Times beat writer Percy Allen.

2. Oregon’s women’s basketball team provides fans with great behind-the-scenes coverage of the team, as well as updates of the team’s progress and success during games. Here is one such tweet:

The Oregon Ducks women's basketball team provides fans with updates throughout the ballgame.

3. ESPN’s College Hoops Twitter provides information on everything going on in the world of college basketball, including the Pac-12. Since they cover the entire nation, there isn’t a direct focus on the Pac-12, but they do a great job of covering all the bases.

ESPN's College Hoops Twitter provides updates throughout the day from the entire college basketball world, including the Pac-12.

4. Bill Plaschke is a sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times, who focuses his attention on the UCLA Bruin and USC Trojans. He provides great analysis about both teams on a regular basis and also writes about the rest of the Pac-12 as well.

The L.A. Times' Bill Plaschke frequently writes about the UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans.

5. John Hunt is a sportswriter for The Oregonian in Portland, Ore. He writes mainly about the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers, but he also writes occasional stories and tweets about other Pac-12 teams. In the last few months, he has started to do this more and more.

John Hunt tweets in-game updates about Oregon and Oregon State, much like the Oregon women's basketball team.

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