Everyone is tweeting about Costa Rica

By Diana Higgins

Not only are the bloggers all about Costa Rica, but the tropical nation is talked about all over Twitter, too.

The Tico Times, the top English-written newspaper in Latin America that I talked about in my last post, has a Twitter account and updates it continuously with news from the area.

The Tico Times interacts with its followers, asking for input and story pitches. It publishes stories, photos, and local updates such as these tweets about a cafe in Costa Rica. It also links to the newspaper’s main website and full articles. You can follow this news source @TheTicoTimes.

If you keep up on international sports, @costaricasoccer will give you play-by-play of who is competing, who is scoring, and who is winning. The posts are in English for those who want the Costa Rica soccer experience without being completely lost in the Spanish hullabaloo. The Apertura and Clausura tournaments are followed and updates are live during game play.

The Costa Rica Blogger, found on Twitter @CostaRicaBlog, is a self proclaimed “Adventure Blog containing Real, Honest, Unbiased Information on Visiting, Vacationing, Moving, Living and Retiring in Costa Rica.” That is a lot for one blogger to cover, but the tweets say it all. From photos of traffic cops to job openings for English speakers, the Costa Rica Blog keeps you in tune with what’s going on in paradise.

Next up: @soyticoinfo, the Twitter spot for ticos, or natives of Costa Rica. Soy Tico is in Spanish, but if you can read the language this Twitter page has some pretty cool stuff straight out of Costa Rica. There are photos of the giant bugs and tropical birds that the blogger finds on his porch, links to awesome radio stations, and tweets about the local celebrations. Soy Tico always has links to great photography that keeps me excited about Costa Rica.

My personal Favorite is Erin in Costa Rica. I mentioned her in my last post in reference to her blog, and am now excited to tell you she tweets too. Erin is living the dream. She fell in love and moved out of crazy American to one of the most peaceful and beautiful places on Earth. Now she spends her days blogging and tweeting about, well, life! She posts her own photography often, as well as reminds us of the Shakira concert in Costa Rica or free admission day to Costa Rica’s National Parks. You can follow her on Twitter @delapuravida.

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