Hop on the San Francisco Giants’ Bandwagon

Right next to San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park is a great place to catch a home game.

This online guide will help you navigate the world of the reigning world champions – from beards to rally thongs to torture!

With no real “superstar” figure, the Giants were able to win the 2010 World Series with a supporting cast of quirky misfits, each one playing an important role. With high profile players such as Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey, the Giants also believed in players that other teams didn’t want or value. It was torturous, stressful, and magical all at the same time. Check out these websites, blogs, and twitter feeds to keep up to date with the latest Giants news.

Good starting points are the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News. These pages aggregate each newspaper’s own Giants coverage from its beat writers and are great sources for game recaps, notebooks, and feature stories. The Chronicle’s Henry Shulman writes a blog called The Splash for other interesting tidbits or breaking news.

The Mercury’s Andrew Baggarly writes a blog called Extra Baggs. “Baggs” posts interesting interviews and stories about the players that didn’t make it into the print edition. His blog makes you feel like you are inside the Giants clubhouse with the players. He might include anecdotes about inside jokes or the very nuanced aspects of the game that you wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t point it out. The frequently updated blog is always interesting, informative, and amusing.

The Giants’ official website has great video highlights and game recaps, along with interesting “G-Casts” about the players. Chris Haft writes the news and a blog called Half-Baked Ideas. The Giants’ website is also a great place to look at the schedule, roster, standings, and guide to AT&T Park. You can also watch the amusing 2011 Giants TV commercials.

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area is the channel that broadcasts the majority of Giants games and its website is a great place to watch postgame interviews.

The Giants are also very active Twitter users. This video by Twitter showcases how they use social media to connect with fans.  You can follow them @sfgiants.

Giants players on Twitter include:

@BrianWilson38 (Brian Wilson)

@SergioRomo54 (Sergio Romo)

@pandoval48 (Pablo Sandoval)

@HinIt2WinIt43 (Alex Hinshaw)

@JeremyAffeldt (Jeremy Affeldt)

@TDaddyNeal (Thomas Neal)

@DarRunFord (Darren Ford)

@Marckroon (Marc Kroon)

Reporters that cover the Giants on Twitter:

@extrabaggs (Andrew Baggarly)

@hankshulman (Henry Shulman)

@sfgiantsbeat (Chris Haft)

@AlexPavlovic (Alex Pavlovic)

@AmyGGiants (Amy Gutierrez)

The next three Twitter accounts are fan-created:

@BeardofBrian tweets as if he is closer Brian Wilson’s actual beard.

@RomosBeard tweets as if he is reliever @SergioRomo54’s actual beard. Both beard accounts tweet as if they are actually on their owner’s face. @SergioRomo54 (the actual Sergio Romo) regularly interacts with his beard’s Twitter.

@TheMachine_SF tweets as if he is “The Machine”, Brian Wilson’s elusive “neighbor”. “The Machine” made his debut on Chris Rose’s “The Cheap Seats” during a Skype interview with Brian Wilson and has become a running joke ever since.

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