Sidebar: W.C.D.C. Featured Pet for Adoption

By: Ariel Gruver

Name: Girly Girl

Age: 3 years old

Type: Gray tabby with white face and chest

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $45


Ÿ     Litter box trained

Ÿ     Spayed

Ÿ     Fostered

Ÿ     Good with children

Ÿ     A bit shy of other cats but well behaved

Her Story: Girly Girl was brought to WCDC after her owner; Starly Susan Pupke was involved in a terrible accident. Pupke was a well-known animal rescuer in the local area. On November 3rd, while over near Lane Community College, Pupke noticed an abandoned cat on the side of the road. She quickly pulled over to the other side of the street with hopes of rescuing the cat from oncoming traffic. Pupke began crossing the street, and was acknowledged by the first approaching driver who slowed to a stop to let her pass. However, the car behind did not see her in the road and sped up to pass around the stopped car ahead, hitting and killing Pupke instantly.

Pupke’s passion for animal rescue was greatly acknowledged throughout the community. She was a selfless, caring individual who dedicated her life, even to the very end, to saving the lives of animals in need.

Girly Girl is the last of Pupke’s pets in need of adoption. She is a very calm and affectionate cat who loves cuddling and sitting on laps. Girly Girl was raised in a rural area, so she is not street smart, but may be an indoor and outdoor cat in the right location. Though she is a little wary of other cats at first, she is quickly accepting to them after spending some time adapting to her surroundings.

If interested in adopting Girly Girl into your home you may reach WCDC by phone, email or by visiting their offsite adoption center at Petsmart on Coburg Road.

About agruver

I grew up in Portland, Oregon where I attended high school, and began writing for the school newspaper. I enrolled at Portland State University right after graduation and spent two years beginning my college career and saving for the move. After two long years of working overtime hours and attending night classes I packed up all my belongings and moved to Eugene Oregon to begin studying in the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon. Now, I'm working on a major in journalism and public relations, with a BA minor, just for fun. I want to absorb as much as I can while attending the university, not only to make the most of my college education but to be prepared with as many skills as I can possibly acquire in order to be confident when facing an uncertain job market following graduation!
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