Enterprise Project Outline

How local Eugene authors become published authors and how they further their writing talents in the process

Eilise Ward

Anecdotal Lede: Catchy grab about how writers stumble or happen upon inspiration for their books

Nut Graf: Introduce the three Eugene authors who I interviewed about the publishing process

Third Paragraph: What makes these authors unique (one wrote a memoir, another wrote a mystery, and another wrote a literary fiction book) from one another but what’s their common thread

Fourth Paragraph: The trials and tribulations of becoming a published author, quotes and difficulties to overcome

Fifth Paragraph: a map of the writing process, from idea to the finished product and how the experience shapes the book and the evolution of the story

Sixth Paragraph: What aspiring authors can do to get published, advice from the three recently-published authors with a local twist

Seventh Paragraph: Focus on inspiring quotes and hone in on the central theme of finding the passion in a story, conquering the commitment, and dedicating your life to having your words published for all to read

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