Enterprise Story Outline

Setting the Bar for Downtown Revitalization [Outline]

A Band-Aid for Eugene: How local breweries and bars are helping to mend Eugene’s struggling economy.

By Tyson Johnson

[Intro] Featuring setting from local bar or brewery in downtown area (I already have a few excerpts from me visiting local establishments including Rogue Brewery (downtown Eugene, 9th and Olive; Lucky Bar and Grill (downtown) and High Street Bar and Grill. Setting will include the customers/employees working during the day, the actual bar itself (sights, smells, etc.) and maybe a small quote by one of the people working in the bar.

[Second paragraph] Will include article from the Examiner.com about Eugene’s bars and how it compares to other cities’ downtown areas. Paragraph will also include information from Men’s Journal (an article I found online) about the impact/importance of Ninkasi brewing not only in Eugene, but nationwide. Some of this information may be persistent throughout the article but it will paint a good picture on the significance that Eugene’s breweries (the downtown establishments) have on the city itself.

[Third paragraph; intro to the downtown bars] This paragraph will briefly go into on how the city’s bars manage during weekly business hours and will include the first mention of the ‘Bar’muda Triangle located in downtown Eugene district; a district which includes Jameson’s Bar; Rogue City Brewery (also known as Eugene City Brewery); Lucky’s Bar and Grill; and Davis’s. I have talked to a few sources who gave information on how their business’s atmosphere change throughout the week; i.e. not as busy during the weekend to being swamped during the weekend, during holidays and during school breaks. I will not include any information on the economic impact yet during this paragraph. Instead I will wait until the next three or four paragraphs to further reveal my findings and final focus.

[Fourth paragraph; continued research with customers.] I have four sources (which I will include below with phone numbers) that I talked to for a while during their time at the bar. My questions generally focused on what dates they usually go to the bars; what bars they go to; if Eugene’s downtown bar areas are significant for their choices on where they go; etc. This paragraph will not drown the story in quotes; paraphrasing will be the key as to whether I choose to include some of the information that I have taken from the brief interviews. I liked the article included in Harrower (“If I Die”) and the way that reporter Diana Sugg informed the reader through small quotes instead of including paragraph long dialogue. I want to paint a good portrait of my story with characters but this isn’t a piece on one particular person or even an event; rather, an economic trait in downtown Eugene. Because of my interviews it might take the fourth and fifth paragraphs to explain.

[Fifth paragraph?] Will include information taken from www.eugene.org’s Regional Prosperity Economic Development Plan and what the report details on how businesses can help spur on the revitalization of downtown Eugene. Because I have delved into this topic before with an analyst that focuses on downtown recovery programs, I feel that a lot of my research that I have done should solely focus on what bars are actually doing for Eugene. (E.g. are they just another nuisance for the city or are they making people visit the downtown area based on their standing and if other businesses are affected by their presence. I would want to include a quote from the senior analyst of Eugene’s Urban Renewal Program since he had an economic standpoint of bars/breweries in the downtown area and how they have helped shape the area so far. His business point of view would better connect the reader with the economic growth of this area; however, I cannot sway away the basis of my story (bars) and must push the reader on with information that relates to the focus. Too many quotes from Denny Braud (the senior analyst) or any other economic experts could turn the enterprise story into a disaster; except the “Why Do We Speed” article does contain a lot of factual based evidence and charts.

[Sixth paragraph] This section will devote some background information about the brewery and bar establishments in Eugene. I will use information mostly from Rogue Ales Brewery, which was one of the first breweries developed in Eugene in 1866, and other info from other establishments that will coincide with my final thesis. In the “If I Die” article, the reporter went from focusing on a main subject in one section to focusing on a little background details that explained the subject in full. This approach is fun because it doesn’t bog down the story with an extreme focus on a particular bar but gives the reader a historical viewpoint. Paragraph might include quotes but only those that focus on the history of bars/breweries and not include any economic or business views.

[Seventh paragraph] Another economic standpoint on bars/breweries in the downtown area, specifically focusing on some interviews that I will have done with two bars and possibly Tim Duy; an economics professor at the University of Oregon. Since the article is focusing on the revival of downtown Eugene, it would be best to turn the reader’s view on this topic instead of historical information and other quotes about the establishments. A good document that I looked at is located at Eugene-or.gov website titled “”Envision Eugene Draft Proposal” that has a lot of good analysis of the redevelopment of downtown Eugene as a whole. There are also interviews at the same website with some information on River Road/Santa Clara district but I will probably not use these since they would divert the attention away from the downtown area.

[Eight paragraph]


Examiner.com; “The Mall. Not Just for Girls.” Josh Whiteley, writer for Spokane Men’s Health Examiner. http://www.examiner.com/downtown-spokane-in-eugene

Men’s Journal; “The 25 Best Beers in the world.” http://www.mensjournal.com/25-best-beers-in-the-world/2

Regional Prosperity Economic Development Plan. Eugene Springfield, Lane County. Found online at http://www.eugeneor.gov/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_363603_0_0_18/EPLAN-001%20Economic%20Development%20Plan1-6-11.pdf [Located at


Envision Eugene: From ‘Land Use and Community Planning. Found at


Interview Sources:

Kelly Wilson. Employee at Jameson’s Bar. 541-683-3145

Brett Vallotch. Steelhead Brewery and Restraunt employee. 541-687-4643

Dempsey Weld, Customer at Lucky’s Bar and Grill. 503-507-7208

Scott Wiley, Customer at High Street Bar. 541-228-8158

Possible sources:

Tim Duy. University of Oregon; adjunct Associate Professor of Economics.

High Street Brewery manager (Jenny) interview on Monday/Tuesday. [Phone or in person] 541-345-4905


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