Progress Report

-Mike Munoz

For my enterprise feature story, I have been examining the budding art community in the Whiteaker area for the past couple of weeks. While my story is still in its early stages, I have already managed to pull some helpful contacts and even attend a couple of events in the neighborhood.

My primary contact thus far has been gallery curator Mo Bowen, who I have previously worked with for my profile assignment. As one of the driving forces behind the expansion of the art community in Whiteaker, she has been very cooperative and helpful in providing me information and other contacts involved in the art scene.

Also, last week I attended the Last Friday Art walk, a monthly event in which local businesses and restaurants display art and sometimes even feature live entertainment. The event was a great chance for me to see just how far the art community has come and I even got to talk to the artist whose paintings were featured at the Voyeur gallery.

Having Bowen as a primary contact has been extremely helpful and has definitely made my life easier. That being said, I have still run into a couple of road blocks for my project. While the Last Friday Art Walk was a great event for me to attend, I was hoping to come away from the art walk with more content. I was really hoping to have the chance to take a lot of pictures and maybe even produce a multimedia piece. However some of the businesses simply did not have as much to show Friday night and some of the pictures I got simply were not visually interesting enough.

I have also had some technical difficulties due to a faulty audio recorded I rented from the Knight Library. I was very excited to get the chance to interview the artist at the Voyeur gallery on Friday night; unfortunately when I got home to listen to the recording, I found most of it was inaudible due to feedback and crowd noise.

Despite a couple of speed bumps and adjustments, I still feel as though I am on the right track with my enterprise story. There are a couple more events in the near future that I plan on attending for my story and a few more business owners I need to interview.

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