Enterprise Update!

I have fallen a little behind on the progress of my enterprise story. Some of you may or may not know that I have decided to write a story on the homeless issue in the Jefferson Westside, and who these individuals are. There has been a little difficulty on how I am to approach homeless people to ask them why they are residing in the Jefferson Westside. I don’t want to wake up those who are obviously homeless, nor do I want to walk up to a person who doesn’t shower very often and assume that they are homeless.

However, contacting sources such as Cahoots and White Bird, as Suzi referenced, has been helpful. I plan to continue to talk to the people who work with homeless everyday, so that they can reference me to the homeless people who are willing to talk. That way I am not indangering myself by approaching the mentally ill.

I have already written a story on how people who work in the Jefferson Westside feel about the homelessness issue. Therefore, I plan to check up on the sources I have already spoken to and also speak to people who live in the area that face the issue during the night. So basically to sum up, it is a matter of having my sources contact me back and for my fingers to begin pounding the keyboard away.

About rcooper3

Journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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