Enterprise Update

After some discussion about my topic in class last Wednesday, a few things have changed concerning my story. The full, featured article will focus on the importance of breweries/bars in the downtown area and will not focus solely on Rogue Brewery (locate on 9th and Olive) as the main attraction in the article. I will probably concentrate on how the establishments help out the city (e.g. economy, fun factor, downtown development revival) and will not just focus on what the bars and other establishments have to offer. I could also give a negative perspective on the article, such as discussing how the recession impacted their business, drunks at night, etc.

I have several contacts which I will make contact with. I tried giving Rogue Ales an email (press.rogue.com) but haven’t gotten anything back. They’re probably busy breweries so I’ll have to schedule an interview with some employees, managers, etc. at the downtown establishment. The ‘Bar’muda triangle area, which incorporates seven different bars in one area, will be the hot point for interviews. I have made it a plan to start visiting that area by tomorrow. The Fifth Street Market area also has a few bars and breweries that will be important on checking out. However, last time my group wandered in the Steelhead, it was a little tougher to get an interview with anyone.

Beer and blog (Eugene) also has a few bloggers that would be cool to get their take on the subject concerning the importance of these bars in the area. There is a link to contacts at the website and although it is a Portland site, they have chapters across the state and luckily one of them is in Eugene. I may also talk again to Denny Braud (downtown development analyst and get his take on the bars. He was discussing how the bars are bringing back customers (at least during the night) and maybe could be seen as a building block for the developmental program.


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