Enterprise Progress Report

After much debate (between me, myself and I) I finally found a topic that I find interesting and relevant to my neighborhood. Initially, I thought crime in the neighborhood would make an interesting piece, however, after realizing the topic was far too broad I decided to switch my focus to sustainable living.  I changed my topic on Wednesday and that night after class I started emailing possible sources.

In fact my first interview is today at 3pm with the manager of Laughing Planet.  They are a restaurant who practice running a sustainable business.  I have written up my questions and I am eager to hear his answers. As far as my other sources, they are somewhat hard to track down.  Tomorrow I plan on making phone calls to some potential sources.  I am hoping to get in touch with someone on the board to the Jefferson Westside neighborhood and see if there were any plans in the works to make the neighborhood more sustainable. Also, I thought it would be interesting to see if they knew of a neighbor in particular who demonstrates this lifestyle. I have emailed them but so far have received no response so my next best bet is to call them. Furthermore, I am trying to contact someone involved with the Institute for a Sustainable Environment. Tomorrow I am going to visit the offices of this organization as well as the CASL office in the HLC.

I have got a lot of work a head of me, but I am staying positive and trying my best to get these interviews done. I am still brainstorming ideas for my media project; currently I am leaning towards a video piece.


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