Bouncing to Get By

You may remember his face as the person who checks your ID at Horsehead bar,  but if you are familiar with the Eugene local art scene you know that there is more to him than “can I see your ID.” 28 year old Joshua Finch, a resident of Jefferson Westside, sings for local heavy progressive rock band .08, does stand-up comedy on his one night off work, has a acoustical music project, and produces the local art magazine “Exiled in Eugene.”

Finch performing with his band .08

“I try to take advantage of the music and art scene,” says finch. “There are a lot of people who work at Horsehead that have their own projects going… If everyone’s shit works out there won’t be a security staff by Summer.”

Finch spends six days a week working at Horsehead bar and in his time off he is working to release a new album with .08, have “Exiled in Eugene” take off, and keep his name alive in the Eugene comedy scene.  Yet, the cash flow to keep up these talents and activities, especially the zine, is burning a hole in his pocket. Hence, bouncing is necessary to get by.

Finch says he enjoys working at Horsehead because of the opportunity to meet people and socialize while being paid. “I’m kind of a social person,” said Finch. Which exactly how he got involved in the stand-up comedy scene in Eugene. One night at Horse Head a customer, Chris Castles, pushed Finch to book a show with him.

“I found it interesting.. he tricked me into saying yes.. and then made sure I didn’t forget it,” said Finch.

According to Finch the Eugene comedy scene is fairly small and revolves around open mic nights. He says in bigger cities comedy is performed in comedy clubs where people come to laugh, therefore there is more pressure on the performer. At open mic nights it is not as intimidating.

Finch performing his solo acoustic project

“The scene in Eugene is small, kind of back scratchy and touchy feely,” said Finch.

For Finch comedy is more exposing than being in a band or performing music. He admits that he uses most of his life story to create the music he writes and skits he performs, yet in a band there is more to hide behind. In comedy it is just you.

“For music you can justify someone not liking your band because it’s not their cup of tea,” said Finch. “But in comedy they just think you suck.”

As for “Exiled in Eugene,” Finch is currently working on the second issue. So far there has only been one issue and teaser fliers to let the community know what some of the context of the next issue will be. Each issue of “Exiled in Eugene,” includes a “Fatty’s Eugene Mix Tape” that has a variety of local bands that range from metal to acoustic indie pop.

“Right now the next issue depends on my tax returns and what we get from ads,” said Finch.

Finch performs all around Eugene yet when it comes to Jefferson Westide Finch doesn’t spend that much time in the neighborhood due to his busy schedule. He may eat and sleep there, but when he isn’t at Horsehead or working on one of his artsy projects, he is in the near by Whitaker District, sipping coffee at the Wandering Goat.

Finch grew up most of his life in Madras, Ore.. His father was a pastor and his mother worked for the local school district. Finch says found himself living in Eugene when he first came to visit for a show. But when Murder By Death was to perform the next at the WOW hall he quit his job in Lakeview, Ore., went to the MBD show, and has remained here ever since.

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