5 Chefs to Follow!

This is a list of amazing chefs who happen to have twitter accounts and like to tweet about the delicious food they make on the regular! If you can’t tell I’m totally jealous of their culinary skills…

Jamie Oliver is a chef, cookbook writer, restaurateur, TV personality, and father. He’s won countless awards such as: 2008 Global Citizen Award from South Beach Food & Wine Festival, 2006 Outstanding Achievement Award from British Book Awards, and in 2006 Channel 4 News’ Most Inspiring Political Figure. He has also had many TV shows such as : The Naked Chef (BBC), Jamie’s Kitchen, Jamie’s School Dinners, Jamie’s Great Italian Escape, Return to School Dinners, Jamie at Home , and Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

Cat Cora is a chef, cookbook writer, a member of the Macy’s Culinary Council, president and founder of Chefs for Humanity, TV personality, and mother. She has had many TV shows: co-host of Kitchen Accomplished, primetime miniseries Celebrity Cooking Showdown, co-host of Food Network’s Melting Pot with Rocco Di Spirito, host My Country My Kitchen: Greece, Date Plate and Fine Living’s Simplify Your Life, and Iron Chef America.

Bobby Flay is a chef, cookbook writer, restaurateur, Iron Chef, a resident Chef and Lifestyle Correspondent for The Early Show on CBS and CBS Sunday Morning. He has four television shows; Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Boy Meets Grill, Grill It! With Bobby Flay, The Next Food Network Star and guest stars on a fifth, Iron Chef America regularly.

Giada De Laurentiis is a chef, cookbook writer, product designer, food line creator, and mother. She has 3 television shows on the Food Network. One is called Everyday Italian, a show where she cooks simple delicious italian recipes that can be made for everyday meals. The other is called Giada’s Weekend Getaways, where she is followed around the country for weekends at a time, showing people where they can vacation, and the best places to eat in each town she visits. The last show is called Giada at Home, with a concept similar to Everyday Italian, is a show where she prepares meals with friends and family in her kitchen in her home.

Tyler Florence is a Chef, restaurateur, wine maker, cookbook writer, shop keep, product designer, and a father. He has two television shows on the Food Network, one called Tyler’s Ultimate , a show where he shows people at home how to make delicious, simple meals. The other is a competition show he hosts called, The Great Food Truck Race, where competitors, people who own gourmet food trucks, compete in a series of different tasks for $50,000 prize.

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