Teach Me How To…Be Single on Valentine’s Day

While being single on Valentine’s Day can make it difficult to keep an upbeat attitude, these five steps will help you remember why you love being single.

By Katie McKinley

The dreaded day has arrived once again. For a select few, Valentine’s Day is a time for a couple to celebrate their love and shower each other with flowers and pictures of them together. However, for the single population, there is a different view on the day that is known for reminding people that they are all alone. While it is easy to internalize the mushy advertisements and your friends’ constant conversations about what their plans are for the big day, in order to get through Valentine’s Day in one piece you need to devise a plan of action.

1st step:  Try Not to Get Swept Away in The Moment

Although it seems as though the world of advertising is trying to attack your single self for your lack of participation in Valentine’s Day, just remember that you have many years ahead to buy chocolates and receive jewelry. It is hard to stay objective and neutral during this day when it does not relate to your current relationship status, but this time allotted to yourself is a chance to find out who you are and what your own goals and values are without compromising for another. You do not have to change who your are or lose your freedom, so celebrate your personal strength and self-respect without the reliance on a partner. Remember to focus on yourself and loving the life you are currently living.

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2nd Step: Check Out The Single’s Scene in Your Hometown

Most bars in any city have singles events that offer people a chance to meet and party with people in similar situations. This is an opportunity to have fun and let loose while those in relationships are spending their night forced to show their love for each other. There are also some bars that will continue on their weekly event schedule, such as Bingo Night, and will not even recognize the commercial holiday. Attending these events is still a great to keep your mind off the Valentine’s Day as well as allow you to meet new and interesting people.

Eugene Events on February 14, 2011:

Sam Bond’s Garage: Bingo Night starts at 8 p.m. and is free admission. 407 Blair St.

Lonely Hearts Show: The show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $3 at the door. Cozmic Pizza is at 199 W. Eighth Ave.

Free Hearts of Clay: The art exhibit starts at 3 p.m. and is free admission. Amazon Community Center 2700 Hilyard St.

Strange Charm: The show starts at 6 p.m. and is free admission. Granary Pizza Company 259 E. Fifth Ave.

3rd Step: Spend The Day With a Fellow Single Friend

One way to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate with a friend. I guarantee that you are not the only one of your friends who is single, so make plans to go out to dinner or buy each other something fun and special. You can send them a funny singing telegram to one of their classrooms or write them a silly poem that expresses how much their friendship means to you. There are several sites that will generate a love poem, and although they might make little sense, it still is fun to give a gift to your Valentine without being worried about impressing your loved one.

Some sites include:

Links 2 Love


Romeo’s Magic

4th Step: Treat Yourself

If you really do happen to be the only one of your friends who is single, then just treat yourself to some love. You can send yourself flowers, chocolates, or even edible arrangements (fruit bouquet). By showering yourself with gifts, you can remind yourself that you are the most important person in your world and you don’t need someone else to make you happy. You can also have a beauty day at the spa and relaxing while a stranger pampers and massages your body. This can be a great way to spend time thinking about all the great things you have going on in your life.

5th Step: Remember Valentine’s Day is Only One Day!

After today, all the couples celebrating Valentine’s Day will go back to acting normal and will not continue overtly displaying their love for each other. They will return to talking about mundane aspects of their life and get into pointless verbal fights. Use this day to send your love to your family and friends instead of worrying about missing out on being in a relationship.

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