Singing About Love

Who in their right mind doesn’t love listening to beautiful live music? Now add a romantic dinner and Valentines Day to the equation and you’ve got yourself a lovely evening. Valentines Day is the chance for people to stop and smell the roses, literally! An opportunity to tell the people who matter most in your life that you love them. Music is an avenue that millions of people chose to use to express their love for something, someone, or share a story of heartbeat(just look at Taylor Swift). Anyway you try to spin it, the fact is that music and love go together hand in hand.

Many local restaurants in Eugene have people come in on Valentines Day and sing or play music because it adds that classy, romantic touch that most gentlemen want to use to impress their lady friends. It sets a soft, smooth tone to the evening.

The way I view live music on Valentines Day is a little cheesy, but sometimes it can prove to be extremely meaningful. After asking University of Oregon Junior Kelsey McKean what she thought about music on Valentines Day she said “I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years now, and it’s sometimes hard to think about different things to give as a gift. I wrote him a song thing year and I’m going to play it on the guitar. It’s something creative that most people don’t think to do and we both love to sing”.

So whether you take your loved one out to a romantic dinner, see a live show at w.o.w hall, or write a song yourself, Valentines Day and music are a perfect match!

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