National breweries offer excellent locations to celebrate with your Valentine tonight

Ready for Valentine’s Day? Our blog will guide you to the best breweries, bars and restaurants in your area. So sit back, relax and plan your favorite February holiday with our trendy guide.
Valentine’s Day, which will be celebrated this year on a Monday, offers couples a chance to exchange presents, chocolates and flowers. However, if there is one location to take your significant other for some r&r this year, check out your local brewery or bar.

Capitol City Brewing (East coast) is an excellent location to take your date for the best burger and appetizer tastes this year. Pale Rider Ale, Prohibition Porter and Capitol Kolsch are among the many beers that can be tasted at Capitol City Brewing’s three locations this year on Valentine’s Day. Follow the Twitter link here to talk about your experience at these locations and tell others how your visit was while enjoying the great taste of these micro beers.

For couples in the Pacific northwest, The Boundary Bay Brewing Co. has one location that will appease your taste buds during the popular February holiday. On Monday, the brewery will offer a “romantic dinner setting with table-side music by the Protea String Quartet.” Dinners range from mussels to stuffed flanked steak to Ravioli alla boscaiola. Bellingham Blonde, Best Irish Stout and Best Bitter (ESB) are among the many beers that can be complimented on the site’s Twitter account after your experience. For future references, check out the sites page to help celebrate your experience during St. Patty’s this year.

For those living in the Northwest, Michigan is the state to visit during Valentine’s day. Not only does the state offer a wide selection of restaurants and tasty breweries, it is one of the most popular regions in the U.S. to bring your Valentine date this year. At Atwater Brewing, located in Detroit, couples can dine on Vanilla Java Porter, a specialized brew specifically made for the February holiday. University of Michigan students enjoy attending the Blue Tractor’s brewery located at Ann Arbor. This year, the Blue Tractor features crafted beers such as Bearded Pig Pilsner and Sudworth Bock for its Valentine’s attendees. Tweet the Blue Tractor for additional information here.

Beer enthusiasts on the East coast may be familiar with the Lovin’ Cup, a popular destination for thousands of Valentine’s dates every year. This year, the bistro/bar will offer its visitors a chance to spread the love through Beatles songs and they also offer a huge menu of local/national beers. For additional pictures and to respond to your experiences, check out this year’s Lovin’ Cup Page.

Oregon residents should look forward to Zwickelmania, a seasonal event that combines Valentine’s Day with breweries across the state. The Beer Goddess Twitter account is a popular site that allows attendees to chat about their favorite experiences during the holiday, and that includes discussing their favorite establishments, breweries and beers during the event. Popular places to visit during Zwickelmania include Portland’s Saraveza’s My Beery Valentine, which offers a unique taste on their Block 15 Love Potion #9 beer brew to Alameda Brewhouse‘s My Bloody Valentines Release Party, featuring a “deep red-hued Blood Orange Saison” during this specail holiday. A directory of all of the events happening in the Portland, OR area can be accessed here.

Despite your preference for food and/or beer tastes, Valentine’s day allows any couple to enjoy their cities or regions take on the holiday. Tweet your local brewery or establishment to share your thoughts on your special event and please don’t drink and drive!

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