Healthy Valentine Day Menu

Valentine’s day is here and temptation is around every corner! Amongst all the festivities is an array of chocolate desserts and to wash these sweets down is a nice bottle of Champagne. With those heart shape candies reading Be Mine, they seem inviting. Though all these decadent desserts and bubbly might go down sweet, the next morning your mouth will have a sour taste and your head will feel like Cupid shot his arrow right at your forehead.

Believe it or not excessive sugar can lead to a sugar hangover.  Body Ecology lists some of the symptoms of a sugar hangover.  These symptoms include bloating, fatigue, mood swings and more.  In an effort to avoid this sugar hangover, here are some healthy and delicious alternatives to create a Valentine day dinner menu your sweetheart will never forget.

Start off the meal with a fresh salad.  One salad featured on Shape online is an Asparagus, zucchini and Parmesan salad.  In all it takes about thirty minutes to prepare but, the pop of vegetables hidden amongst the arugula is worth the wait.

Chicken au Champagne would be a great option for the main course. The recipe is on the author Mireille Guiliano website. She wrote the book Why French Women Don’t Get Fat.  Guiliano’s book is all about portion control and celebrating food. On her website she posted this chicken recipe.  Though it is originally suppose to serve four if you cut the supplies in half it can function as a romantic dinner for two. She even recommends sautéing some mushrooms to serve over the chicken. This dish will leave your sweetheart feeling magnifique! Guiliano also cooks up some vegetarian options for instance Leeks Fettuccine.

To end the meal and still get your chocolate fix a Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake will do the trick.  This cake wont leave you in a time crunch and serve’s about twelve.  One slice is only 118 calories.

Avoid the sugar hangover and skip the toothache. Show your sweetheart just how much you care about them by giving them a healthy Valentine meal.


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