Whiteaker speaks up about Superbowl Commercials

For many, Superbowl Sunday is a day to enjoy football with family and friends while pigging out on copious amounts of junk food. But for some, the Superbowl means much more than just football. It means commercials.

Every year, companies throw down millions of dollars for advertising space during the nation’s most watched sporting event, hoping to entice viewers with witty and clever commercials. And with plenty of breaks in the game, football fans have to endure an endless supply of beer and car commercials. Down on Blair blvd in Whiteaker, residents voiced their opinions on the advertisements during Superbowl XLV.

At the 76 gas station on the corner of 6th and Blair, gas attendant Erica was the only one amongst her coworkers who tuned into the Superbowl on Sunday. She said she felt the commercials were good overall this year and struggled to pick out with just one as she fumbled through a bag of trail mix. After much thought, Erica decided her favorite commercials included the Doritos commercial in which a pug runs through a door to get to the chips and the Chrysler commercial that features Eminem driving throughout the city of Detroit.

In some areas, it seemed as though people weren’t even aware there was a football game on Sunday. The New Day Bakery was packed Tuesday afternoon as residents enjoyed a late lunch; however the customers and workers didn’t share the same enthusiasm for the Superbowl that Erica had. “I doubt anyone working here even watched the Superbowl,” said a worker as he looked around the busy restaurant.

While some seemed to approve of the Superbowl commercials, other Whiteaker residents weren’t as fond of the advertisements. “I thought they were worse this year,” said Jeremy as he walked out of Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen. He said he felt that the commercials simply weren’t as clever as they had been in years past. “They don’t even stand out to me anymore,” said Jeremy. He went on to explain that while there is usually at least one that sticks out to him, this year they failed to grab his attention.

Just down the street at the Garbanzo Grill food stand, Whiteaker resident Bill Fletcher shared the same opinion as Jeremy. He said that although he enjoyed the match-up between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the commercials failed to grab his attention. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t like any of the commercials,” said Fletcher.

Although Whiteaker might not be the center of the sports universe in Eugene, it’s clear that enough residents tuned into the Superbowl to form their own opinions about the advertisements. While some enjoyed the endless barrage of high budget commercials, others seemed to think the advertising agencies need to step up their game for next year.

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