Whiteaker residents offer their take on Superbowl ads

Eugene—Every year, advertisers scramble to catch viewers’ attention during the Superbowl, one of the most popular televised events of the year. This year’s Superbowl had an estimated viewership of 111 million, meaning that, according to the NY Times, the ads that ran during the game will count among the most-watched advertisements in history.

Despite record viewership, in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood the game didn’t seem to have caused too much of a sensation among residents. Among those who did watch the game, responses to advertisers’ efforts were mixed.

Erica, an employee at the 76 gas station at the corner of 6th and Blair, was the only one out of the three attendants working that day to watch the game. Erica had a difficult time recalling the ads, but after some thought cited the Doritos and Chrysler commercials that ran during the game as memorable favorites.

Down the street, a man leaving Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen offered an indictment of this years’ ads. He found their quality to be down compared to previous years, with fewer clever or memorable moments. “Normally, they’ll have at least one ad that’s really good and funny. But this year they were just kind of tame,” said Jeremy.

Whiteaker resident Bill Fletcher was similarly unimpressed.  Asked to describe his favorite ad, his response was unequivocal. “To tell you the truth I didn’t like any of the commercials,” he said.

On the same block, New Day Bakery was enjoying a busy lunch hour. But customers and employees alike were uninterested in the discussion surrounding the Superbowl—the game, or the advertisements. “I doubt anyone working here even watched the Superbowl,” said one worker.

All said, it looks like advertisers will have to work harder to get viewers’ attention next year, at least with this demographic.

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