The Whiteaker Residents Share Their Feelings About the Superbowl

The Superbowl game came and left without the majority of the Whiteaker neighborhood even noticing.

By Katie McKinley

Superbowl Sunday is oftentimes a highly anticipated event for people regardless if they are avid football fans or not. The event gives people the chance to hang out with their friends, eat finger foods, and partake in the comradery of the game. Not only is it a time when the two top football teams in the nation are competing for the Superbowl title, it is also a time when the best quality and funniest commercials will be debuted. People will tune into the game simply to see the commercials and later talk about their favorite or least favorite ones with their friends the next day.

In the Whiteaker neighborhood, it appeared to not to be a high priority for some people. It seemed as though most people weren’t even aware that there was a Superbowl game. After failing to find one person who watched the game last Sunday, a worker at the New Day Bakery said, “I doubt anyone working here even watched the Superbowl”. However, the residents still expressed their feelings surrounding the game and the commercials.

In general, the residents who watched the game came to an unimpressed consensus for the quality of the advertisments. Jeremy, a man walking out of Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen, felt as though the commercials for this year’s game were the worst compared to any other year. “They don’t even stand out to me anymore,” said Jeremy. Normally he says that he can at least remember one that he finds funny, but this year he saw the commercials to be bland and lacking cleverness.

In agreement with Jeremy, a regular at the Garbanzo Grill food stand, Bill Fletcher, did not see any commercials during the game that grabbed his attention. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t like any of the commercials,” said Fletcher. Although he was unenthusiastic about the quality of the commercials presented, he still enjoyed watching the battle between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers, which is the main purpose of the Superbowl.

Erika, a worker at the 76 gas station on 6th and Blair, disagreed with the men and appeared to be excited about both the game and the commercials. While she was the only person at the gas station who watched the game, she still expressed her content for the commercials and attempted to choose her favorite one. The first one that came to mind was the Doritos commercial that shows a pug running through a door to get some chips. He second favorite was the Chrysler commercial starring the rap star Eminem driving through Detroit.

While the bulk of the Whiteaker residents were more consumed with their own personal lives to care about the Superbowl, there were still some who were interested to see the outcome of the game. This lack of mainstream awareness from Whiteaker, brings character to their neighborhood and shows that not everything is the same as the University of Oregon campus where sports are of high importance.

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