Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

Dating in college is a concept in life that needs to be tackled all on its own. When Friday comes after a long week of slaving over papers and reading tedious text books, the common single college student desires to go out in hopes to meet their new royal charming. However, where these so called princesses and princes reside is the unanswered question. Location is vital to make expectations meet.

Whether you find a cute accumulation of clothes to wear from your closet, or you buy a hot new outfit, you are going out to impress. After spending several hours finding what you will wear for the evening time is added with an hour on hair and another half hour on makeup. Finally you arrive at your destination, a casual weekend party, only to have your newly perfected image rubbed up against sweaty alcohol induced college kids.

If banking on a party to find your next royal lover has ever been successful, I would love to get the fairy’s number who sprinkled the fairy dust over that happily ever after story. Honestly, in a room that highly resembles a sardine can, where your eyes can only focus on the pores of the person in front of you, it’s difficult to decipher who you want to associate with. Then finally after making it through the party to the back door, marinated with sweat that isn’t yours, you step outside and right into clouds of ciggarette smoke. You recognize the person vomiting in the grass as the person who earlier charmingly smiled and greeted you at the door when you still retained hope for a good night.

Not all college parties are over packed and greasy, but most of the people who attend them are. The point is that parties are the last place to find “the right one.” So STOP TRYING.

When people go to parties they possess a different subject abdicate, meaning they put on a mask to make themselves seem more appealing so they can leave the party feeling accomplished. When really after 5 or 6 beers have been added to the equation it equals an overly confident arrogant motor mouth who “cock blocks” you from the others who could quite possibly, maybe, might, have potential. The night will eventually transgress and you will end up in bed either alone, or with someone who tomorrow you’ll regret knowing.

Partying, as much fun as it is, can sometimes be counter productive. Especially when it comes to dating. When you look at it from an outsiders perspective, do you really want to be looking for “the one” in a pack of wolves? How about joining a club, or go on a university field trip to meet people. And leave the parties for fun times that you can spend with friends you have already bonded to.

About rcooper3

Journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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