Twitter for the Unpublished

Many aspiring authors may be a bit wary of using Twitter, but there are some fantastic resources for keeping informed that could help authors get their work to the public.  Here are a few sample tweets on writing and the publishing industry:

Ally Peltier has a long history in the publishing industry, and currently works as a publishing consultant.  Her tweets involve tips for getting noticed and general advice for writers.

@AdvicetoWriters is run by Jon Winokur, and the tweets are mainly advice for people in the writing and revising phases.  There are quotes from famous authors about writing and links to more detailed posts on the Advice to Writers blog.

PublishingTalk is a blog with a number of contributors with a wide variety of experience in publishing.  The twitter feed gives updates about the blog’s content.

Victoria Strauss is a published author and co-founder of Writer Beware, a publishing industry watch group.  The views that Strauss presents are interesting because they are skeptical of the mainstream practices of the publishing industry.

PublishingSpy uses RSS feeds and Twitter aggregations to highlight news and trends in the publishing industry.  One of the tweets below warns authors of a publisher running a contest that contains fine print which says that all submissions become the intellectual property of the publisher.

Finally, it might be worthwhile to follow some publishers directly.  Publishers mostly use their twitter accounts to promote their products, but a patient author may pick up some interesting ideas about the types of books certain publishers are looking for.  The best place to start would be to look at a list, like the one run by New York Times Books.

About anthonyrimel

I graduated from OSU in 2008 with a degree in International Business and I am currently working on a second bachelors degree, this time in Journalism. In the time since I graduated I worked a variety of temporary positions in the corporate world. After a long and windy path I settled into an IT position at SUPERVALU where I worked on a variety of communications projects. I quickly began to realize that I was a lot more interested in the communications side of my job than I was about business or IT. Photography and writing have always been passions of mine so I decided that going back to school wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I’ve had a few people ask me why I want to get into Journalism in times where the industry is struggling as much as it is. Newspapers are dying out, TV viewership and book sales are down and the industry is shedding jobs like mad. While this is certainly true and it does seem like a difficult time to be entering the industry I also see a lot of opportunity out there. This generation of students is the one that gets to go out into the world and be pioneers that will shape the future landscape of media. The old industries are dying out or drastically changing but people are consuming more media than ever. While it is certainly a difficult environment it is also a time of tremendous opportunity. Students today are the ones that are going to be inventing new ways to bring the world it’s news and being involved in that is tremendously exciting to me! I’m here to write about Journalism, talk about my current experiences as a student traveler and observer of the world.
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