Nutrition Tweets

YogaLifeJourney has a twitter account that gives followers updates on everything yoga.  On their official site they give information on the benefits that yoga.  One feature they do is a yoga pose of the day which normally is includes a photo of the pose.

NYTimeHealth is the official twitter account for the Health section of the NY Times.  The account updates followers by attaching articles to tweets.  This ensures followers will get the latest in health news.

HealthClub tweets about healthy living.  Their goal is to have followers lead lives that are “balanced.” Sometimes they will attach photos or retweet articles or other inspiring tweets.

HealthNut_News has followers updated on the latest in the health world. Often their are news articles featured and just tweets in general about healthy tips.

Pilates_About is a twitter account run by Marguerite Ogle who writes articles about pilates and wellness.  She is a hollistic health counselor.

PurityProducts is a twitter account that updates followers on the latest in health trends. It specifies in formulas.

Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser offers up some helpful tips to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Right now she is posting some healthy modifications to Superbowl snacks.

MyTrainerBob is another trainer for the Biggest Loser. His latest tweet was what music he listens to while working out.  He answers questions as well.

Rocco Dispirito is the author of Now Eat This! He tweets his latest recipes that modify the classics but, with a healthy twist.

Good Health is the official twitter account for Health Magazine.  They often link to their articles.

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