Boston Terrier, French, and English Bulldog Followers

By: Ariel Gruver

Marie Peppers has had over ten years of experience in pet health and nutrition and specializes in Boston terrier and English bulldog breeds. She works as a registered nurse and provides her medical expertise for free through Twitter and her personal website.

2.Dogs Gossip uses Twitter in addition to their website.  This source provides information about Boston terriers and other breeds of dogs. They contribute news, health information and training tips on this and other breeds.

3. @bostonsarebest is a Boston terrier owner who is passionate about the breed.  They gather the latest stories and developments on the breed and allow other people to contribute their sources

4. @angelicdogs is a dog behavior consultant who provides the latest information on dog behavior specific to certain breeds.

5. Angie Wojciechowska is a professional dog photographer. She shows a lot of experience with bulldog breeds in her profile and has a variety of photographs of other animals.

6. English Bulldog News provides all the information one may need about English bulldogs. They list news, stories, health information, breeders and training methods.

7. English Bulldogs is a source for reaching some of the world’s bulldog breeders and their resources.

8. Eco Pet Stop lists detailed breed information on French bulldogs in addition to eco-friendly dog tips and training resources.

9. Vet Info provides veterinary assistance and health information online. The author is a licensed veterinarian who specializes in cats and dogs.

10. Dogs Trust is a large dog charity organization. The Twitter feed is ran by the digital marketing officer and manager. The organization provides options to help dogs in need as well as vital information about breeds and training.

About agruver

I grew up in Portland, Oregon where I attended high school, and began writing for the school newspaper. I enrolled at Portland State University right after graduation and spent two years beginning my college career and saving for the move. After two long years of working overtime hours and attending night classes I packed up all my belongings and moved to Eugene Oregon to begin studying in the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon. Now, I'm working on a major in journalism and public relations, with a BA minor, just for fun. I want to absorb as much as I can while attending the university, not only to make the most of my college education but to be prepared with as many skills as I can possibly acquire in order to be confident when facing an uncertain job market following graduation!
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