You too can Bon Appetite!

Bon Appetite! Two words that all chefs love to utter to those who are privileged to eat their culinary creations. Ohio native, Jessica Conner, 23, author of the blog College Cooking, has loved to cooked since she was a young child.

Conner learned to cook at her grandmothers knee, she and her grandmother would watching Julia Child on television and try to recreate her food for dinner. In fact for Conner, Julia Child is her cooking idol, “She was on the first cooks to make cooking elegant meals simple for the modern wife” said Conner.

Conner began blogging about her culinary trials because she wanted to remember all the different recipes and and cooking ideas she tired, and how all of her efforts worked out. She also had a desire to share all her tips, tricks, and experiences with people in the online community. Conner has a passion for baking that leades her to read her other baking blogers, one of her favorites is, My Baking Adventures. Conner admits that she would love to add some of authors baking recipes to her own collection.

Conner regularly blogs about all her trials and tribulations in the kitchen, from what she plans to cook this week, to all the recipes that have turned out, good, bad, or horrible. Conner also tells her readers that no matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize. Though that wise sentiment is a famous Julia Child quote, its one that resonates with Conner and all who bust their culinary butts in a kitchen only to have a recipe blow up in their faces.

Conner is the first to admit that she’s had a recipe or two blow up in her face, “I would say that they hardest thing I have made would be the Hot Fudge Sundae Cake. I followed the recipe exactly, but no matter how many times I tried, the cake was too dry!” But she didn’t let that one bad recipe stop her, she kept cooking, kept baking, and moved on with her culinary life.

She offers some words of advice to all those who want to begin blogging in college, “Just go for it! Write what you think you would love to read in cooking blogs. It doesn’t matter if you have a million readers or not, blogging and cooking should be for you.” Conner’s words of wisdom can be eaiser said than done, but should defentily be taken to heart.

As a parting word Conner also offers a spot of advice to those who cooking creativity might be cramped by dorm room limitations, “Be adventurous and creative. Although I didn’t have to worry about cooking in a dorm room, I can imagine that only using a microwave or a hot plate, if that, can seem like a limit. However there are many recipes out there for just cooking in a microwave. Do research on the internet and you’ll find many recipes you can enjoy.”

So good night, good luck, and I wish you all Bon Appetite!




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