Q & A with Brew Public’s Angelo DeIeso

I recently chatted with Angelo De Ieso II, writer, contributor and owner of Brew Public. Brew Public was started in 2008 by Angelo and has been a great way for Oregonians to read about news bars opening up, new beers that have been unveiled to the public, and also includes a huge event calender, concentrating on events mainly in the Portland/Vancouver, WA area.

Q; How long have you been writing for Brew Public? When did you decided to start writing a blog on beer and/or people associated in the beer industry?

A: The Brew Public blog has been around since 2008. I used to do some other blogs, some amateur blogs that were on Google [and other websites]. I did some freelance writing for the Portland Tribune and I used to be a music reporter.

Q: Do you have any writers/bloggers, photographers or any journalists that write or contribute to Brew Public?

A: Contributers we do have. There is a link at the top of the page called the ‘about’ section. We’ll include everyone that writes or contributes. I write a majority of the articles and news also.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to write about pertaining to beer in general?

A: You’re in Eugene right? Portland is just a bigger Eugene. One of my [favorite] topics deals with craft beer and there are a lot of them in Portland. Though other states have micro beers, everyone is interest in [Oregon]. You can go through a few blocks anywhere in the city to find beer and bars.

Q: Where do you think Oregon ranks in importance for their breweries nationally?

A: There still are a couple of states that haven’t legalized brewers to create their own beer. [It was] in 1979 when Jimmy Carter was around [and] during that time we did open doors for the public to brew their own beer. It’s not like industrial brewing, it’s at a smaller scale. Now it’s down to three or four thousand breweries that were opening up and after prohibition, there were a lot of major players, like Budweiser, and that company represented a region. Here is Oregon [brewing] was widespread. Bridgeport opened up in 1984 while Widmer and Full Sail followed after.

Q: So Oregon’s a pretty big player in the brewing market. I heard that Oregon and Maine rank to others one and two. Do you think Maine is as influential to breweries across the U.S.?

A: Did you say Maine? That’s funny, because I’m originally from Maine. I think that Maine was one of the big players in the market. It had a ton of breweries. But I think per capita, Montana may outrank it. Oregon is actually the fourth largest supplier of craft beer and the drinking of it [in the U.S.] We are one of those few states that likes to drink our own product. [Note: there are lots of survey and studies online to see where different states lineup concerning beer, wine, and alcohol].

I tell ya, I used to drink some crappy beer, like Mickey’s. But I got my feet warm by drinking Sam Adams. I really got into Ninkasi and now I’m getting into stuff that never appeased me before.

[Please also note that the Beerstein in Eugene, OR is one of Brew Public’s advertisers and is one of the bars the interviewee likes most]

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