Upscale Eugene not far from Downtown

There are two things that serve to distinguish the neighborhoods along Coburg Road from other areas of Eugene: great shopping and really bad traffic.

Karly Kercheval, a resident who lives a short walk from her job at an Oakway Center shop, says that the neighborhood is “upscale,” but adds that traffic along Coburg Road is “awful.”  Kercheval adds that the neighborhood is a very safe and says that it’s easy to walk in the neighborhood.

The neighborhoods of Cal Young and Harlow, which surround both sides of Coburg Road, are predominantly suburban.  Additionally, the neighborhoods together contain some of Eugene’s busiest shopping centers.  Both Valley River Mall and the Oakway Shopping Center are located in the area and residents like Kercheval have access to both the bike trails and bus routes to get around.

“It is really convenient for grocery shopping and stores” says Kercheval.  Popular grocery stores in the area include Trader Joe’s and a Market of Choice.

Kercheval says that the neighborhood is nicer than many other areas of Eugene, but that it lacks interesting things to do.

“There are a few decent bars in the area, but its not like I’m gonna go bowling anytime soon,” Kercheval says with a glance towards the nearby Emerald Lanes.  Kercheval adds that she likes living in the neighborhood, but says that the nightlife is better downtown and the hiking is better at Spencer Butte.

Kercheval says that the neighborhoods is predominantly families, and highlights that the country club and the golf course are nearby.

Anna Heintz, an employee of the prominent Eugene Running Company, says that the neighborhood offers many other opportunities for outdoor activities, including the bike trails, Alton Baker Park and Pre’s Trail.

Brad Hudson, another employee at Eugene Running Company, adds that the store organizes group runs, which take place on nearby trails and paths.  Bicycling is also a great option, as many of Eugene’s major bike paths run through the neighborhood.

While Heintz and Hudson agree that there are good places to run the neighborhood is too uniform.  “It’s a little cookie-cutter” says Hudson, who like Heintz works in the neighborhood but lives elsewhere.

According to the Cal Young Neighborhood Association the neighborhood has 14% of Eugene’s population, which makes it the largest neighborhood by population.  Heintz and Hudson agree that the neighborhood’s population seems to be growing.

“It’s getting better every year,” says Hudson.

For more information about the Cal Young Neighborhood visit the neighborhood association’s website or look for posts tagged Cal Young / Harlow

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