The Blossoming Westside

Eugene, Ore.-  Jefferson West Side is full of  artsy boutiques, vegan restaurants, and small bakeries that attract people from other neighborhoods of Eugene to this part of town. For former Jefferson West Side resident, Corey Underwood, “the community has blossomed into its own little thing.”

Some community members such as Underwood and local clothing designer Melissa Cadmus of Redoux Parlour believe for the Westside to be part of the Whitaker district. Yet the westside is a sect that adds its own businesses with its own artistic touch to Eugene as a whole.

“I moved directly here when I moved to Eugene because I knew this part of town,” said Cadmus. “I was only impressed.”

Cadmus says as much as she loves the westside community she believes for there to be more crime in Jefferson Westside than the Whitaker due to the upper class residents of the community. “I think it makes it a larger target for burglary,” she said.

There here is a lot of vandalism and theft in the neighborhood due to desperation in the economy said Cadmus, but nobody comes to follow up on the repeated crimes. “So why would it stop?” she said, “If the police aren’t going to investigate the crime.”

Sweet Skins Eco-Boutique customer service representative Shushonah Snyder says there are a lot of homeless people in this part of town but she does not feel threatened by them.

“It is the saddest part of the neighborhood [homeless people]…but compared to the big city where I am from it isn’t as bad,” said Snyder.

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