Sights and Sounds at the Wandering Goat Coffee Co.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Whiteaker, students flock to the Wandering Goat Coffee Co. on Madison Street to enjoy good weather, good music and even better coffee.

Covered in murals and graffiti art, the building is tucked away at the heart of Whiteaker amongst the warehouses and auto shops. Although it may not appear to be a traditional coffee house at first glance, the Wandering Goat Coffee Co. is a friendly, laid-back place that offers a unique café experience.

The room is filled with the overwhelming aroma of pastries and espressos. A barista with tattoo covered arms is taking the order of a customer while the other two workers argue in the back over what music to play. Hanging behind her is a larger chalk board covered with various drinks and prices. A display case on the counter is filled with freshly made doughnuts and bagels, while a freezer to the left is crammed full of beer.

The Wandering Goat Coffee Co. has a heavy focus on music and art. The walls are covered in abstract paintings as well as portraits of famous jazz musicians such as Howlin’ Wolf and Tom Waits. Hanging from the ceiling are large speakers, blasting TV on the Radio and gallery lights that are focused on the various artwork.

The café is packed with dozens of students typing away on their computers and guzzling down coffee as they finish their school work. A girl sitting at a table in the back corner is frantically taping her toe as she fills out note cards and sips on her latte. Another table is filled with several students discussing a group project over coffee and doughnuts.

While it may not be as traditional as a Coffee Bean or Starbucks, the Wandering Goat Coffee Co. offers a friendly environment where people can relax, listen to music and enjoy a nice cappuccino and sticky bun.

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