Oakway Center: Borders Book Store

The Oakway Center in Cal Young Neighbor is pretty quiet on Monday afternoon, but

Borders Book Store at the Oakway Center in Cal Young Neighborhood

there is a lot of activity in the Borders Book Store and Coffee Shop. When first entering at 12:41pm there is a salesclerk on with a ladder organizing a large box full of books. Three men sit in the black leather sofas in the Games and Puzzles Section. A teenage-looking girl talks to someone on her pink phone about someone who apparently deleted her from his or her Facebook friends. Other people go about different activities throughout the next hour:

12:45-Man browses through the Western Book Section

12:50-A young boy in a striped shirt plays with a children’s book that plays piano music

12:52-The young boy comes over with his dad to sit in the black leather sofas. His dad tells him to be quiet.

12:56-A man approaches an employee and asked if they sell any used books. The employee answers no.

12:58-A woman walks up to a man and says “Chicken dinner, mmmm looks good huh?” Then they leave the store together

1:02-Teenage-looking girl walks around listening to her pink phone but not talking into it

1:04-Woman says “Sixteen dollars” in a shocked voice

1:08-A young girl with a woman (probably her mom) gets really excited when she sees a planner and tries to convince her mom to get it for her by saying “I’ll keep it for always.”

1:10-A young boys space ship toy slides under the chair I am sitting in. He crawls under my chair to get it.

1:13-Girl calls her friend Juliana over to the calendar section to show her a puppy calendar

1:17-Young girl gets excited about a chess set in the Game section and her mom tells her to “Shhhh.” She replies with “sorry.”

1:22-Woman in a Disneyland sweater browses through the Christmas sale items

1:23-Blender from the coffee shop blends a drink

1:32- An employee walks up to woman and asked “Can I help you find anything?”


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