Philadelphia Beat Blog List

The great city of Philadelphia is a hotbed of culture, art, politics, business, and of course, sports. And like many other big cities, there seems to be a blog for any subject that might interest a resident or curious onlooker.

For those interested in visiting, there is Uwishunu, the official Philadelphia tourism blog sponsored by talks about upcoming events and attractions throughout the city. For those interested in a more general view of the city, there’s Attytood, run by Philadelphia Daily News writer Will Bunch. Phillyist and Myphiladelphia also cover general topics in the 215 area code and beyond. The Philadelphia Daily News has a good selection of blogs, covering everything from gossip to going green.

For those more into the government and education side of things there are Philly Clout, which deals with political movers and shakers, and Philadelphia Notebook, which is the public education blog of the city. If you’re looking for food, head on over to Grubstreet Philadelphia, which covers cuisine reviews and news throughout the Delaware Valley.

As for sports, in a city like Philadelphia there is no shortage of vantage points on how the Birds, Flyers, and Phillies are doing.

In the coming weeks this blog will explore more of the Philadelphia community and will be posting regularly on all things Philly.

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  1. Glad you found uwishunu! I hope it helps as you plan your trip.

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