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There is no wonder why states across the U.S. take a lot of pride in their breweries. From Alaska to Maine, independent brewing companies have continued to open up, allowing its inhabitants and tourists to enjoy fresh and local beers. The number of online beer blogs has quickly increased as well and is a great way for people to talk about their favorite beers while comparing their tastes to brewers in other states.

Each state in America offers a different taste and style of beer. Begin your search hereIn Oregon alone, there are over 80 breweries across the state that offers the populace many different tastes. The Oregon Brewers Guild features popular breweries such as Ninkasi (Eugene), Pyramid Breweries, McMenamins (Portland), and Rogue Brewing company. The Oregon Brewers Guild blog also contains information on the numerous breweries, pubs and bars throughout Oregon and includes contact information and addresses. The blog is a great place to read about others opinions on their favorite beers and has press releases as well. More information on Oregon breweries and beer can be found at The Beer Here, an Oregonlive blog. Patrons enjoy drinking at the McMenamins Mall

Although California may be best known for their wineries that sprawl across the state, the California Craft Brewers Blog gives access to new breweries opening up, newly released beers from different companies and events/organizations. Writers and bloggers share their photos and stories from the many events that flood the state. There is much information to explore from different breweries such as Sierra Nevada, Lady Face Ale, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co., and Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company. The California Breweries Beer Info is also a great way to get information on the different breweries throughout California.

Believe it or not, Alaska also has a number of breweries that offer different styles and techniques on crafting their beer. Just Beer, which has “beer info from just normal dudes,” is a great starting place to read about the many different beers in Alaska. The websites blog roll contains information, funny facts (‘beer for chicks’), news on other breweries in the Pacific Northwest, and ratings for different beers. There are a number of popular breweries in Alaska that items can be purchased throughout the country, including Homer Brewing CompanyAlaskan Brewing Co. (alternative webstite here), and Sleeping Lady Brewing Company.

In the Midwest, Indiana is a state well known for their diverse beers and local establishments. At the Indiana Insider Blog, one can access some information on different breweries in the state as well as food and other drinks. At the Hoosier Beer Geek blog, people can see the Indiana brewing guide, access where to Drink in Indy (Indianapolis) and read the ‘6 Pack Interviews’ blog. Breweries in Indiana include the Power House Brewing Co., Bloomington Brewing, and Oaken Barrel Brewery. Many of these brewer’s information is located here.

Maine, the northernmost state besides Alaska in the U.S., rivals even Oregon to its vast amount of specialized breweries. At the 2BeerGuys blog, it is easy to findMaine is said to have more breweries per capita than any other U.S. state information on Maine’s breweries as it includes a directory for them. The blog’s site contains news from different companies, event dates and times, and allows others to interact with the sites creators and leave comments.

Breweries are going to continue to thrive as long as Americans continue to stay interested in local and regional beers. This blog post is a great starting point for those interested in their state and neighboring states as well.

More beer blogs include: Bearded Brewing Blog, Washington Beer Blog, and A Good Beer Blog. also has a list of beer blogs from across the country.

Other states also have their own blogs including Idaho, Florida, New York, and Montana.

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