Neighborhood Blog #2 – Ducks Fans Celebrate Downtown

Writer’s note: This entire posting is a complete description of my Eugene downtown experience without any new wording or notes. Only grammatical errors have been corrected. Now back to my Joyce…

The crowd pulses like a vein.

The Thousands that have flocked to the premises of East 8th and Oak in downtown Eugene is perhaps the best possible observance ever witnessed.

“I love my ducks,” said an announced that was on a stage. The crowd was full of cheer, yellow and green and annoying FIFA World Cup horns.

The chants are not dissimilar from any home game in [Autzen Stadium] Oregon. The awful wickedness of sports presentations are none other a spectacular spectacle that could be witnessed in any part of our county.

“I see a dilemma,” said a  bystander nearby a large, Salmon art displayed waterpool. “Maybe you should go and grab it.”

Police sirens. In the past extent of the history of Eugene, a debacle of this would generally insinuate a riot, a complete violent outburst of rebel[ion]. Hell and outrageousness that flock the street still today.

Star of Davids balloons swarm this scene, for no exact reason. A large, white haired shabby dog [dropped] into the water of he fountain. Mistake indeed.

Soulful performers sing at the main stage, which was showcased in blue, bright sky.

One man in a black hat holds a card similar to the ones that the Ducks football team holds up during [offensive] audible plays that depict a picture of him, a cat, and a woman who is probably his wife. Choirs of some Eugene choir group perform sullenly to a soft harmony of piano chords.

Despite the loss at the BCS National Championships, people seek still ecstatic on a day of bright, sunny and cheerful atmosphere. The music is not uplifting. It may be a sign of promise, maybe hope. It swells like a reverberating wave and when the tide drops, perhaps that me be enough push and pull to conlude a better season next year.

Children playing and dancing to the beat on a usual day in Eugene. At least in the downtown area, this is not a usual site. Homelessness, poverty and the depraved usually roam the areas of this downtown park. A desolation for none except those intent on keeping the streets troublesome.

But for today, soul, rock and some jazz [music] lift up this Eugene cloud of depraved fog that seems to have settled over the Willamette Valley city. There seems to be a sort of righteousnesses that whatever the football team did was a good deed and they possibly could be foreshadowed of what is great and promising of a city that is hit by rain 75 percent of the year.

Clint Eastwood even said that the city of Springfield/Eugene is one of the most depressing places he has ever been [to]. Clint Eastwood.

And yet on a day that has yet to see its share of rain hit the pavement streets, the city seems like it may have invited a drought of warmth even more that suburban southern California town. The crowd moves with excitment.

“Put your hands together,” [said] a singer on the stage

On the big screen TVs, a person gives full attention to the deaf, alerting them on what is going on.

A man in a [multi-colored] jacket has a duck-style hat displayed and a yellow band [is] wrapped around his leg. Strange indeed. The leafless trees in the park are lifeless. A leaf is among the many things that should be expected in a place such as Eugene.

“Maybe like a BCS National Championship,” [a man said.]

I need to stop talking out loud to myself.

Cheers, clapping. Trees falling down. Yellow and green, mean and lean.

Grad students at the University of Oregon on display like relics from a forgotten time in the fall when the city ran amok with Duck fans and [a] crazy fever for football.

I gave a homeless person a cigarette. Asked if she was hanging out. No reply. It seems that beneath the city in a form of the American dream, one can see the hopelessness that runs stray out on the streets like a wild dog. One that refuses to give up. Head to the beaches of California? Is that a dream[?]

The “Jesus Guy” is here. Bicycle in part with yellow flowers adorned on his bike rack. Same blue jacket.

“Eugene make some noise,” [said another announcer]. Cheers crowd this place that is in a fever of its own.

Orange and white barriers flock the streets. Kids, couples, parents dance to the beat. A rapper whips the crowd into a frenzy. Yellow and white banners sail high above the crowds.

“The  students jetted; they have to go drink,” [said a man in a white hat and black Ducks illustrated shirt].

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