Local Eugene theatre hosts BCS party and a way out of the chilly weather

Eugene, OR – Although forecasters call for below freezing weather Wednesday night, several dozen Oregonians continued to line the sidewalk in front of the David Minor Theater located in downtown Eugene. The event? Only one highly anticipated BCS Championship featuring local heroes – the University of Oregon Ducks.

“I’m coming in to take orders for tea and coffee in a moment,” said a theatre hostess to the determined crowd. “It’s colder than a witch’s ass out here!”

The David Minor Theatre, which broadcasts Oregon Ducks football games regularly, will play host to over 70 fans for the BCS National Championships that places the Auburn Tigers against the second ranked Ducks. The ten dollar entrance and dinner buffet fee to the event sold out within ten days before the game with sponsors expecting even more fans to show up.

“Right now we are just trying to get organized,” said Josh Goldfard, a theatre employee. “It sucks [working during the event] and I wish I could watch it, but it’s so worth it to host this event.”

The theatre’s small staff continued working prior to the event’s 5:00 PM starting time, adjusting seating arrangements in the theatre’s two viewing sections and arranging food and beverage tables. Promoters promise that orders can be made from local eateries such as Cornucopia Restaurant and brought in to customers, a popular service that won’t have fans getting up from the seats.

And with expectations high for the Ducks first trip to the BCS National Championship game in Glendale, Arizona, many fans probably won’t move an inch.

“I called them up early to see if they were playing the game down here,” said Cave Junction resident Tom Dune. “I came all the way up here from Southern Oregon [and] I wasn’t going to miss this.”

Many of the theatre’s attendants were Eugene residents who did not want to commute to Arizona and purchase high price tickets to the sold out event. Last minute tickets on Craigslist.com had prices increased to over $3000 a ticket, which did not included fares for travel or hotels. Stubhub.com and other online site vendors labeled the tickets as the most expensive in U.S. sports history.

High ticket prices? Cold weather? No problem. Fans standing in line to the theatre remained determined that the ducks would have no problem holding up to the South East Conference champions and highly favored Auburn Tigers. While no one dare predict the final score to the event, many believed that the Ducks offence would prevail in the end.

“I think it’s great that this theatre is the only theatre in town hosting the BCS game,” said a theatre employee. “[I] just hope all those people outside aren’t thinking that you’re taking their seats.”

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