David Minor Theater Celebrates BCS Championship

In celebration of the BCS National Championship game, many eager duck fans lined up at Eugene’s first 21-and-over movie venue, the David Minor Theater, on January 10, 2011, where they enjoyed the game, beer, wine, and food.

“I’m excited for the game, [the ducks], they deserve it!” said a duck fan while waiting in line before the game.

Tickets sold out almost two weeks prior to the game. The theater hosts every “big duck game,” said Josh Goldfarb, owner of the theater.

For this particular event, the theater had a buffet with 10 dollar specials on food. Although, the theater usually makes more money off of regular movie show times, the staff was happy to join other duck fans in the event.

“It sucks that I have to work during the game, but I guess I shouldn’t say it like that. I‘ll still be watching it the whole time,” said Goldfarb, “it’s worth it to host this event.”

Inside, the theater offers a change of pace and scenery. It has two theaters. The first seats 50 people, the other, 20. The lobby has screens showing the movies in the theaters so that customers who purchase drinks or food won’t miss any part of their movie. In addition to this service, the theater has a text a beer feature. Where customers can text their drink order to their seats.

Customers can also enjoy an art gallery, a menu by Cornucopia Restaurant and Cafe Lucky Noodle, beer and wine selections, and a selection of both old and new movies. All proceeds go to the Willamette Farm & Food Coalition through the David Minor Memorial Fund. The charity includes getting food and fresh products near schools, so that students can have the chance to eat healthy. It was established by Jeremy Schaefer, employee of the theater in honor of Minor’s name because of his passion for local issues. Minor died in a bicycle accident June 2.

The movies are shown with high quality audio and visual equipment They are four dollars on  Monday through Saturday, one dollar on Sunday, and Tuesday‘s are a two-for-one deal. Students receive discounts all week. Theater goers can also get discounts for writing short movie reviews on the theater’s Web site. Ticket reservations are available one week before the desired reservation date. Because it is a pub theater, the theater requires ID and has a five dollar corking fee for outside wine. The theater can also be rented out for 60 dollars an hour for a two hour minimum.

The theater advertises in over 150 different locations including the University of Oregon  and the Erb Memorial Union.

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