Chris Pryor: West Eugene

By Kenneth Wymer, Steven Stark

Photo of Chris Pryor from the city of Eugene's website

Chris Pryor is the city council member for ward 8, West Eugene. His term started on January of 2009 and goes till January of 2013.

Q: Could you please explain a little of what you job is as the city council member for ward 8?

A: The basic job of a City Councilor is to make evaluate information about an issue, need, or conflict, then decide which way to go, which options to choose, or whether or not to make a policy or regulation. It’s basically decision making at the policy level. What to do, not how to do it.

Q: What are some of the high points of West Eugene?

A: I don’t know what you mean by “high points.” West Eugene is a place, but it is also an issue about development and transportation. It doesn’t have high points, but it does have issues. The issues basically revolve around how the area will grow, how fast it will grow, and the accommodations that need to be made for that growth.

Q: What sets West Eugene apart from the other sections of the city?

A: West Eugene has many of the same issues as other parts of town. I would say it’s distinctiveness is in the fact that it is on the edge of the community, not in the more well-developed center. All the city’s edges are suffering form a lack of infrastructure to accommodate their growth. As the population grows, and people choose to live in the suburban areas, transportation becomes an issue.

Q: What are some areas you would like to see improved?

A: I would like to see the transportation corridors in west Eugene improved so that traffic of all kinds can move more quickly and safely. That includes West 11th, but not just West 11th.

Q: During your time thus far what have you seen changed to better Eugene, and more so West Eugene? How will you continue improve the area?

A: Growth along the primary retail and commercial corridors. The streets and infrastructure need to be increased to accommodate the growth.

Q: How would you describe the demographics of West Eugene? (political leanings, racial make-up, types of careers, social orientations etc)

A: The demographic mix in West Eugene is very diverse. Because it includes both hills and flat lands, higher and lower incomes, and all age groups.

Q: What are issues that have drawn strong reactions from West Eugene residents in the past?

A: Issues that have drawn strong reactions from residents in the past have centered primarily around issues that may affect them personally. That includes school closures, taxes, and roads.

Q: The city’s website states you have a special interest or concerns with “Transportation solutions which address increasing traffic; public safety; and the maintenance, repair, and replacement of roadways.” What does this in tell to you?

A: It is meant to indicate that transportation is a major issue of interest for me. At the time I was elected, we had serious transportation maintenance and repair funding issues that I’m glad to say we have worked hard to address.

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