Eyes on the Enterprise: Save Civic Stadium [November 21, 2010 Update]

Who should call me today while I watched my beloved Titans lose their third dysfunctional game in a row but DENNIS HEBERT, current President and founding member of Save Civic Stadium (SCS)!

I know, I was excited too.

He was kind enough to discuss the SCS’s wishes and recount:

  • The SCS’s history
  • The reasons for saving it
  • Dozens of anecdotes from community neighbors who love the stadium
  • Eugene School District’s motives for selling it
  • What should be done with the stadium
  • Legislation for and against the stadium’s preservation
  • How the issue stands at the moment

He also advised (as had Bernie Corrigan) that I should talk to Greg Giesy, a native and expert on the subject of Eugene.

To do:

  1. Call Greg Giesy
  2. Visit Civic Stadium
  3. Interview Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy, who responded to my interview request e-mail [woo-hoo!]
  4. Read / take notes on 4-J (Eugene School District)’s entire manifesto about their stance that Civic Stadium isn’t worth holding onto (and should therefore be sold because the District could use the cash]

About jakemcneal

My name is Jake McNeal and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in news-editorial and magazine journalism. I am a business minor as well. I would love to be a sports reporter covering football, basketball, baseball and soccer.
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