Enterprise update

This week I have dwindled my options down to the creation of a set of four journalism pieces exploring the nature of food as a business, necessity, way of life, and social entity in the neighborhood of Friendly. Each piece will be a collection of written report, stills, and multimedia. I am not sure how to address the situation of using video on wordpress.com, but worst comes to worst, I will just link a youtube.com URL. I have become familiar with Friendly Neighborhood Community Garden, Capella Market, Asian Market, Market of Choice, the various restaurants, but I am still looking for one more food related business or social group, movement, related to food. My goal is also to relate my exploration of this hodge-podge, which will turn into four multimedia sets, with food policy in the state of Oregon, and food culture in Oregon as a unique sub-culture in the great U.S. and world food cultures/industries. I am in contact with three individuals from Slow Food Eugene, one individual from Capella Market, a pizza delivery boy, two bar and grills, one waffle shop (I really want to get in contact with someone at The Rabbit. I will use the next two weeks to be pro-active and productive in my production and have a diverse yet familiar, set that form an enterprise piece on

About Telos Studios

Telos Studios is a professional sound engineering company that empowers it’s clients with artistic collaboration in the realms of digital media and promotion. We also run photography, video, and online services for any project alongside a beautiful blog Telosstudios.wordpress.com :: Telosstudios.net :: 541.525.0132
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