Update on Red Cross Enterprise Story

Not a lot has changed. I need to get in touch with the Red Cross and Keffer again to get more background information on the Oregon Pacific Chapter of the Red Cross and it’s youth services programs. I’m hoping to get a better idea of how the Red Cross is connected with the Eugene community, and especially the Trainsong community. I’ll probably use our now free class time to do that. Ah, work weeks are lovely.

I have written up my Q&A from one of the youth from the Red Cross. I need to find out her contact info, but I’m sure that Keffer can help me with that.

Friday I will follow the FAST group to the UO Duck game (hopefully I can get a ticket to stay after and watch the game, but they are paying for me to get in and to park my car, so that’s nice). I’ll stay with them until the kick-off and they start taking patients. I can’t stay and report after because of liability reasons.

Then after that it’s just a matter of writing everything up, putting together a multimedia piece and edit everything. I’m feeling pretty confident about how this all is going.

About Tess

I am the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of HardCider International--an online magazine dedicated to hard cider and the cultures that surround it around the world. I am also an English teacher working in Asturias, Spain. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Japanese.
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