Eyes on the Enterprise

My quest to cover Eugene’s mission to save Civic Stadium will consist of the following steps:

1) Call (541) 34-CIVIC or e-mail information@savecivicstadium.org to speak directly to an organization member and get myself involved with community efforts.  The best way to get official information about a movement is to meet directly with the activists on the force.  I will attend an organization meeting if one occurs within my Enterprise Story schedule.  The website asks for my involvement:

Join one of our dedicated teams that get all the behind the scenes work done. If you are a good organizer, communicator, or multi-tasker, we’d love your help. Let us know if you have many or just a few hours to give.

2) Contact George Brown, Eugene City Council Representative (Ward 1) and ask him for his insight, as I have no doubt that the movement was presented to him when the cause first arose.  He will be conscious of the PROs AND CONs of preserving or selling the stadium property.

3) Contact Pete Sorenson, Lane County Commissioner (South Eugene), for the same reasons as George Brown.

4) I have just LIKED ‘Save Civic Stadium’ on Facebook – now I’ll be able to receive regular updates about the mission while I look through hundreds of my friends’ pictures and try to beat the high score on Tetris Friends.

5) Visit Civic Stadium itself to speak to people who may be using the facilities at that particular time – random testimonies are interesting for gaging the public’s interest in preserving the park.

6) Arrange an interview with a Eugene School District by calling (541) 790-7700.  The School District owns the stadium property, so it will be very helpful to understand its side of business.

7) I can call up Bernie Corrigan, whom I just interviewed on Thursday, to gather his thoughts on what he believes should be done with the park.

8 ) The same goes for Carlos Barrera, another Co-Chair whom my Friendly Neighborhood team interviewed.

About jakemcneal

My name is Jake McNeal and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in news-editorial and magazine journalism. I am a business minor as well. I would love to be a sports reporter covering football, basketball, baseball and soccer.
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