West Eugene EmX Extension Enterprise Story Update

I have found myself in a rush lately with work and papers for other classes, but have started making head way in my Enterprise story about West Eugene and the EmX. I still have a lot left to do.

The most completed part of the Enterprise package I will create is a profile of a LTD rider Natasha Myers. I have talked with several other riders for other bus routes, but am still looking for a few more people to have longer interviews left.

Due to some technological issues some of the parts to my video component have been lost but these will easily be replaced in the coming week. Of what I have I am currently in the process of editing the video together (my camera only allows for ten minutes of video to be captured on my memory card).

At first glance it may seem as though there has not been much done, in a way this is true. Much of my time has been gathering information to be prepared to the best of my ability before getting in depth with what I hope to be major sources.

Over the course of the term, while working on other assignments, I have had an opportunity to talk with several businesses and employees. For them so far I have seen that a common issue or fear they have is that the construction for the EmX Extension will create issues for their businesses, whether it is with deliveries or customer. But not all are against it some find that it may bring in more foot traffic as people will be more likely to hope off the bus and stop in. I plan to make my way to Springfield to talk with some of the businesses there who have already had LTD construction impact them twice over (once for the new Gateway station, and again for the EmX platforms). If you are a business owner either in West Eugene on the proposed route, or in Springfield along the Gateway Mall EmX Extension and would be willing to talk to me I look forward to hearing from you.

LTD officials and drivers I would like to hear from you as well, and see what you have to say.

The gathering of background information is nearly done, preparation is completed expect to see me on the bus and on the streets for the next few weeks as I talk to more of the West Eugene community.

If you are a West Eugene resident, LTD rider, LTD driver or official, or a business owner of a business on the proposed West Eugene EmX Extension route or one on the Gateway Mall route and would be willing to talk with me please contact me via my University of Oregon email kwymer1@uoregon.edu.

About kwymer1

I am a senior majoring in both English and Journalism.
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