Harlow/Cal-Young Profile: Zach Cobb

By Dylan Coleman

View of Autzen Stadium from Alton Baker Park located in the Harlow Neighborhood

Traveling down Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard you pass the enormous Autzen Stadium, the giant Oregon O shimmer’s in the in the fall sun. Just beyond the stadium nestled into one of highly dense neighborhoods lay’s Chase Village. Chase village and the surrounding apartment complex’s is home to several thousand college students and those daring enough to live amongst the wild college students.

Zach Cobb, is one of the thousands of students that occupy’s one of the Chase Village Apartments. Cobb a junior, is studying environmental science and French at the University of Oregon. The apartment complex was filled with cars, you would have to search for hours just to find an open spot. Each Building looks the same, two lower apartments on each side of the staircase, up the stairs were two more apartments each housing two people. Cobb’s was on the bottom left. Walking into the apartment you were immediately in a hallway and could smell the odor of a dog, with one bedroom on the left, and on the right was a hallway leading to the living room, with the kitchen off to the right just before the living room.

Off of the living room was a second bedroom and the L-shaped kitchen. The kitchen was closed off with a child prof gate to keep the puppy Charlie from getting out. Wagging his tail and whimpering in excitement Charlie pees all over the linoleum floor before forcing himself out into the living room. Cobb who lives with his girlfriend Erin who didn’t happen to be home at the time and their other friend Lea, who was hidden away in her room doing homework.

Cobb who is originally from Berkeley California looks like your typical Northern California surfer with his shaggy blonde hair, both ears pierced with small silver gauges  in them and his extremely mellow attitude.”I wanted to go to school on the west coast but didn’t want to go to any of the California or Washington Schools so I came to Oregon,” said Cobb as he plays tug-o-war with his puppy.

Both of Cobb’s parents work in the Bay Area, his mom works at California Berkeley and his father works for a cost consulting company. Cobb’s younger sister is in her freshman year at the University Oregon “she likes to venture over here and steal my good food,” said Cobb.

Cobb sits at a dinning room table, leaning back in his chair occasionally glancing over at his computer trying to pound out a few more paragraphs on his essay about the books “Fight Club” and two other books both called “Double” for an English class. He leans back into his chair staring at the two paintings of a 20’s bar scene and says, “do you know how hard it is to find quotes for an assignment when you’re looking through three books… I just say screw it.”

Cobb plans to take a couple of quarters off of school at the end of Fall quarter this year to help save some money from his job at Pottery Barn. He plans on spending his time between Berkeley and Eugene. He wants to spend some time road biking which, was one of his passions back home in Berkley but was forced to leave his bike at home because of the chance of it being stolen.

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