Harlow, Cal-Young Chime In On The Elections

By Dylan Coleman

Eugene, Ore. – A line of cars wraps around the parking lot at the Amazon pool on Hilyard Street as residents of Eugene frantically try to drop of their votes at the ballot. It’s the eve of the November 2nd elections and for most Americans the state of the economy is what’s on the mind of the voters.

For the rest of the people who casted their votes early, they patiently wait for the results to start rolling in; all across the country citizens stand on street corners and outside of voting centers, picketing in support for their candidates.

“I’m hopeful there won’t be any big changes because a lot of the major players are running on incentives for the wealthy, not the average person,” said Tahea Evenstad.

Evenstad, an employee at the Science Factory, expressed concern with who was going to have control of the Congress as well as the Senate. When asked about why she was concerned she said that she was worried about non-profit organizations like the Science Factory being severally affected.

With Oregon have only seven major measures on this ballot; the most talked about has been Measure 74. Measure 74 allows for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in Oregon with the proper licenses. Another big concern for Oregonians is the race for Governor which, is between John Kitzhaber the Democratic candidate and Chris Dudley the Republican representative. If Kitzhaber is elected it would be his third term as Oregon governor after he served from 1995-2003 when he was defeated by current governor Ted Kulongoski.

“He wants to cut servers and bartenders down below minimum wage, which is going to be a huge break for us,” said Danielle Rath a bartender at the O bar, referring to one of Chris Dudley’s campaign promises about lowering the minimum wage in Oregon.

Another Eugene resident expressed her concerns, “I don’t think there’s going to be much difference for me, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the candidates running, those already in office and those running against them,” said Denise Downs a facility manager for the Parks and Recreation here in Eugene.

Her concern is one that a lot of American’s have been talking about lately. “In the past, especially for Oregon, it’s been more of what we want to hear as opposed to what we really need,” added Downs. A valid point that a lot of Americans not just Oregonians seem to agree on. It’s one of the few things that democrats and republicans have both been preaching in the lead up to the election.

“I just don’t anticipate a lot of change. I think that some of the change has already been established,” said Downs.  Evenstad added, “locally the people in office are capable of doing what’s right for this community and I don’t see the need for any drastic changes.”

As election night winds down the results have still yet to be determined here in Oregon for the ballot measures. As for the Governor race it remains as tight as it was when the ballot box’s opened.

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