A collection of newsworthy book tweets

Whether or not the internet will destroy the print industry seems to be a constant conversation these days. Some are sure books are on their way out, others believe in the ability of the book to withstand even the digital age. Hope Larson, Eisner-winning author, tweeted this comment about the battle:

In response some said that perhaps she’s never bought a used book, or rented one from a library. @irishinNOLA stayed positive however:

More book buzz on the new technology:Android and Apple products are competing for a better reading experience, and when the NookColor comes out on November 16th, it’s likely to be the most popular for at least a few moments.Within the theme of speedy technology constantly crunching time, November is National Novel Writing Month (or for those in a hurry NaNoWrMo). Jerry Schwartz gives some inspiration by tweeting a link to some historically quick masterpieces.

Lots have commented on psyching up for the event, the challenges of writing, and what they’ve done to prepare. For anyone uninterested in forcing themselves to whip out a hunk of literature in 30 days, Richard Hine offers advice on the opposite approach:

If you’d rather read than write, put together an article for Literary Tweets: 100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter.

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