Titans Beat Tweets

Today the Titans lost once again to the San Diego Chargers, 33-25.

The game was sealed when running back Chris Johnson dropped a pass on 4th and 2 at the San Diego 15.  Titans fans have reason to be upset about the drop, as evidenced by iAMcbreeze.

The fact that the Titans play the Chargers so frequently, as yeahheyheyyou observes, is painfully noted each time they play – Tennessee hasn’t beaten San Diego since 1992, when the team was still the Houston Oilers.

Quarterback Vince Young left the game with an ankle injury, which RichFletch finds annoying.  This was the second consecutive week that Young has been hindered by an injury.

portlanddad agrees that veteran backup quarterback Kerry Collins filled in admirably, leading the Titans on the comeback drive that died with Johnson’s flub.

Other fans like FlavorsofItaly were not so happy to see Collins in the game.

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