Hashtag, Food

The diverse and complex food industry is spiced with a multiplicity of various businesses and societal groups working in collaboration; farmers, cooks, restaurateurs, government, families, all people. How are these separate yet woven bodies communicating via Twitter? The following screen shots all incorporate food, yet are all coming from different motives and angles. Please enjoy comparing.

Care2 – A warmhearted, future-preparing network (and more).

Care2 Tweet





Mario Batali – Chef, entrepreneur, food strategist.

Mario Batali Tweet






Eater – Blogging mechanism run by the same people growing and cooking your food (plus a few journalists).

Eater Tweer





Zester Daily – “The Culture of Food and Wine.”

Zester Daily Tweet





Serious Eats – An active smorgasbord of food fun.

Serious Eats Tweet





IN-N-OUT – No intro necessary. Twitter handled by “just a fan of teh double-double.”

IN-N-OUT (Fan Tweet)

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