An interview with Michael Hinman

Recently Michael Hinman answered a few questions via email about both himself and his work.

Michael Hinman, 34, is the owner of Quantum Global Media Inc. as well as the founder and site coordinator for Airlock Alpha and the BlipNetwork.

 Q: What is it like being the founder and site coordinator for Airlock Alpha and the BlipNetwork as well as being the owner of Quantum Global Media Inc.?

Hinman: It’s a lot of work. We have nearly 20 people working on all three sites, and all are volunteer. It’s one thing to motivate people with money, it’s another motivating them to do something for free, but we have a terrific staff.

It’s also opened a lot of doors, where I can regularly talk with actors, writers, producers, composers, etc. And many of them actually know who I am, so that creates a surreal environment from time to time. 

Q: From your information in the Meet the Team section of the Airlock Alpha website says you are a print journalist by day, what is it that you do in the world of print journalism?

Hinman: Well, for the moment, I am a staff writer with the Tampa Bay Business Journal, covering residential real estate, technology and media & marketing for a business-to-business office in central Florida. 

Q: Seeing as you are a print journalist by day, what got you into blogging? Into blogging about science fiction?

Hinman: It was by accident, actually. A friend of mine had started a website for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I really wasn’t that familiar with the Internet. He had a counter on his site which said more than 1 million people visited his page. I thought that was sweet, and wanted to do something on my own … even after I realized he just made that number up, and he only had like 10 visitors.

My goal was to have a full-fledged television site, but that I would work out the kinks with a science-fiction site first. Ended up, the science-fiction site — originally called SyFy World — was so popular, I couldn’t shut it down, and it would be another 10 years before I finally launched a television site, Inside Blip.

Q:How long have you been a journalist in print and Internet? 

Hinman: In print, it’s about 18 years. I first got a job as a freelance sports writer for the small paper in my hometown in Pennsylvania when I was 16. I leveraged that job to get a better one with a daily newspaper nearby, which led to me becoming a sports editor at the age of 18. When I was 20, I moved to Florida, switched to news reporting, and was a news editor by 21. 

For the Internet, I’m going on my 13th year doing this stuff. And we don’t call it “blogging” for our site. Airlock Alpha predates blogging, and even Google. We do news reporting. 🙂

Q: What works in the science fiction genre (books, movies, shows, etc.) to you typically find yourself reading and or watching?

Hinman: What is “reading”?

I’m a big “Caprica” and “Stargate: Universe” fan, as well as “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood.” I’m also in love with “Warehouse 13,” and “Haven” is growing on me. I thought “Avatar” and “Star Trek” were fantastic movies, but that’s about it in recent memory at least, although I do want to see “Moon.”

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3 Responses to An interview with Michael Hinman

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Ha, I can tell this was an email interview because he tells you it’s not blogging, and the question after that is all about blogging. (You can switch the order of those two if you want to.) Also, I hope Hinman watched Moon, which is one of the best movies of last year and a great SF flick to boot.

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