West Eugene’s a Friendly Place

A visit to West Eugene this week gave a good impression of what people are like in the neighborhood. They’re friendly.

David Jones, a student at the University of Oregon and a worker at Papa’s Pizza, said the businesses in the neighborhood get along well together and often even trade services, like giving pizza for something in return. They even collaborate on social issues like the proposed EmX extension that would allow the EmX bus to have routes in the neighborhood.

The current proposed EmX extension project is protested against by many West Eugene businesses with signs that say “No Build.” Some of the major concerns for the project are that it would congest traffic and cost more than it’s worth.

It’s clear that the businesses get along well with one another. When asked about other businesses in the neighborhood, barber Dan Spencer from Jack’s Barber Shop said “You don’t talk bad about Papa’s Pizza.” He mentioned that the pizza restaurant donates a lot of money every year to charities. Spencer also opposes the EmX extension project.

One of the major reasons why Spencer likes working in West Eugene is because of the quiet life style and the safety. He joked, “I got a shotgun by me.” Spencer also said there is a lot about the city he’d like changed, however, specifically “the city council needs to go, the mayor bye-bye.”

West Eugene resident Budie Nelson said living in the neighborhood is “awesome.” A resident since 2006, what she likes most about the area is there are so many “different walks of life,” and “nobody judges.” Nelson said she was skeptical at first when she moved here, but she was sitting on her porch enjoying the sunshine, and said she can find “anything you want,” and that’s a big reason why she likes the neighborhood.

The citizens of West Eugene live in harmony with each other, and it makes the neighborhood enjoyable to visit. The people are more than willing to answer questions or chat, and they treat each other with respect. West Eugene is a great place for businesses and residents.

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