Harlow/Cal Young Residents Love the City, Hate the Meth

When asked why he likes the city of Eugene, Oregon.  Daniel Neustel, a cabinet- builder and 30 year resident says, “I like that we have a major university and a, pretty, decent community college.  I like the college sports atmosphere and just the down to earth people.  The organic food.  It’s a pretty original place.”

When asked what he doesn’t like, without hesitation,  he says, “I don’t like the amount of meth that seems to be circulating around.”

When asked if he thinks Eugene has a drug epidemic, he says, “More Springfield than Eugene.  But it drifts over in to Eugene.”

Adam Kimball, a student and math-tutor at UO, who moved to Eugene from Coos Bay six years ago. When asked why he likes Eugene, he says,  “I like the people.  There’s lots of nice people.  There’s a nice environment.  Lots of green trees.  The weather [is nice].”

When asked what he doesn’t like about it, he says, “The fucking tweakers, man (laughs). Also the lack of employment and tuition [costs].”

Phillip Barry, manager of The Cooler, and a Eugene resident for thirty-three years, when asked the aforementioned questions, says, “There’s a good feeling all around [in Eugene].  I’ve always been comfortable here.  Obviously, I know my surroundings.”

When asked if he’s seen lots of changes throughout the years, he says,”Well, it’s obviously grown a lot.  There used to be lots of fields.  Even in the neighborhood I grew up, there was a sheep field.  Now there’s a lot of housing development  and urban sprawl.  The biggest change I’ve noticed is how expanded the city’s gotten.  Those fields are now homes.”

When asked about the cons, he says, “There’s a few things I’m unhappy about.  Being a resident and having been here all my life [I’ve noticed] we don’t have a good handle on our crime.  I think the crime’s getting out of control.  It’s not major crime.  It’s property crime in general:  Cars getting broken in to, bikes getting stolen, that kind of stuff.   Then, obviously, how meth has affected the state of Oregon.  It’s kind of a disappointment.’

‘At the same time, I think, our police force is overwhelmed.  Our jails are too small. [Meth users] can’t be taken off the streets because there’s nowhere to put them.”

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