Observing Harlow/Cal Young

The scene was dim and quiet Tuesday evening at Starbucks located in the Oakway Center.  2 couches, 13 tables, and 30 chairs were assembled for public use around the coffee shop.  Three employers were working at Starbucks during the night shift.  One of the women was taking drink orders and working the cashier.  She was a middle aged looking woman with dark brown curly hair.

The second woman was in charge of making the drinks that were ordered.  She had dark brown hair and was short.  The third co-worker was a tall man with long brown curly hair.  He was in charge of cleaning and taking care of things behind the scenes.  The co-workers were very social with each other and showed great teamwork.  You could tell that they have solid relationships and respect one another.

An Indian man was sitting on a couch in the far right corner of the coffee shop.  He was typing on his laptop and seemed very focused on his work.  He was not at all distracted by any of the distractions that may have been occurring at the time.

In walked an older man and a teenage girl.  The two appeared to be having a father daughter outing.  They enjoyed the relaxation of  casual conversation while drinking their Starbucks drinks.  About 5 minutes before the dad and daughter decided to leave, the dad accidentally knocked his iced coffee drink to the ground.  He quickly jumped up out of his seat and scrambled to pick up his spilled drink.  Luckily the drink was almost completely gone when his spilled it so there wasn’t much of a mess to clean up.

A young woman entered into the coffee shop.  She appeared to be a student looking for a peaceful environment.  The young lady decided to skip out on coffee and went straight to a table.  With her laptop, notebook, notes, and TI-89 calculator in hand, she was ready to focus on her studies.  She rarely looked up to notice the surroundings around her.

Shortly after a couple in their mid 20’s strolled into Starbucks.  The man paid for the woman’s drink.  It was obvious that they were on a date and just getting to know each other.  They stayed at Starbucks for about a half hour, engaging in laughter and good conversation.  They were smiling and seemed happy to be there.

As the night went on, the lights inside of Starbucks seemed to dim darker.  The customers took this as a hint that the employees were getting ready to close shop for the night.

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