Newman’s Fish Co. Coburg Rd

By Dylan Coleman

The smell of fresh-cut cod whiffs trough the nostrils, the cashier chats with a friend about being married and going to marriage counseling with her husband who sits off to the side, hiding from the conversation. Newman’s Fish Company sits nestled into the Pavilion shopping center on Coburg Rd its the second location to open up in Eugene since it first opened on Willamette St in 1890.

Newman’s Fish Co. sits off the back of the building with Ben and Jerry’s right next to the fish Co. and the mixture of sugar cones mixes with the odor of fresh seafood.  Customers sitting outside in the grotto watch the workers pace around the premise waiting for business to pick-up.

A customer was frantically walking around looking for her cell phone that she missed place. Her children sat in the car with the youngest still in-car seat yelling about his mom losing her phone, the youngest walked side by side with mom looking for the lost phone. After fifteen minutes of looking for the phone the manager of Newman’s Fish Co. joined in to help the  woman, she ended up calling it and finding it in the trash can covered in tartar sauce.

The restaurant is friendly to all types of commuters, you can walk-up, bike-up and even drive up to get and order of fresh fish & chips or just some grilled fish. The prices aren’t steep at all, a hefty portion of cod-fish & chips for the low price of six dollars. The fish consists of thick tender slices of Oregon Coast seafood, the fries taste like they were just sliced from the potato and made to order.

The noise from Coburg Rd. is dimmed down to faint sound that is easily avoidable with the company of some friends. Sitting there for an hour the true signs of the recent economic recession show. His bright pink dress shirt and his shiny shoes throws off the environment of the restaurant, than his cell phone began to ring and his voice slowly faded away as he kept his conversation to himself.

The smell of fish lingered in the nostrils but was soon overwhelmed by the excessive exhaust from the near by road.

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